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Market entry & expansion in India

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Exotic Group is the company who offers different solutions to international companies who want to Enter & Expand in India. Strategic know-how coupled with pragmatic and tailored operational management services for the success of your business in India.

To successfully grow in India you need answers to a lot of questions first: who could be your customers and how can you find them? What is the best investment strategy for your company? Are you better with your own set upor should you find an Indian potential competitor to partner with, merge with or acquire? What sort of set up do you need? How can you find the right partner? How should you structure your teams and distribution network in order to reach your potential customers? With answers to all these questions you can make the right decisions from the start and maximise your opportunities.

Selling your products in India requires the right people in the right place and you need to be able to keep an eye on this through sales performance reporting and regular management reviews. You also need to see whether manufacturing in India will make sense for you and consider possible options to manufacture or assemble locally – for India and other developing markets.

Do you want to start or expand your India business…Exotic Group can help you with each step

Getting ready for India


India is a complex market with the economy dominated by millions of small, family-run companies leading to highly non-transparent markets and a lack of critical market data. You really need to assess your true business potential and really understand your market dynamic and challenges before you invest in India.

To develop a clear strategy on how to identify and approach your potential customers you need to combine analysis of the multiple data available – a job which can only be done by experts who really understand India. We can help you to get what you need because we understand what it takes for foreign companies to be successful in India.

Other research we can help with

Find a Partner in India

Depending on the type of your business and industry, working with a partner in India could be the best option for you. Our consultants will find you the right partner after in-depth assessment to ensure a long lasting productive collaboration.

  • Distribution / Supplier search and assessment
  • Joint Venture / Merger & Acquisition – due diligence, product compatibility check, technology level audit, other relevant assessment

Manufacture in India

Depending on your product and the market demand, manufacturing in India could be the ideal solution for maximising profitability. We find the right location for your manufacturing set-up.

  • Industrial Cluster Analyses – for increased productivity & tax benefits
  • Location Search for Manufacturing Set-Up

What makes Exotic Group Market Research so special?

There are great business opportunities in all industries in India but it is hard for international companies to assess real market potential. You need to understand the business dynamics and Exotic Group can help you ensure success in India. We not only support you by collecting and analysing relevant data but also turn this essential data into a clear and practical business plan.

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Our Methodology:

Growth Drivers

  • Customers: Target groups & segmentation
  • Product: Optimal portfolio
  • Pricing: Roadmap for competitive pricing
  • Localization: Technology transfer/adaptation

Prioritized Activities

  • Manufacturing, assembly, sales
  • After sales service, spare part business
  • Customer service,  marketing

Decision Matrix

  • Recommendations for India activities
  • Risk analysis: M&A, JV,  WOS
  • Decision matrix and assessment
  • Central/Decentralized market approach
  • Recommendations on timing

Roadmap for Implementation

  • Optimal organization structure& locations
  • Product portfolio & pricing; Sales structure
  • 3 year Investment Assessment & Sales Plan
  • Budget and P/L projections or 1-2 years
  • Cash flow projections

Based on the results of a Market Research Exotic Group will help you develop the best business plan for India Entry and Expansion. This includes answering fundamental questions like:

Which business activities should be conducted first? Do we need to set up manufacturing or assembly immediately?  Or first establishing sales, marketing, import, after sales service and logistic structures? How important is product innovation, product adaptation and technology transfer?

Answering these questions is critical because calculated and limited risk is always a priority. While there is often a limited market size in India for products which are manufactured and engineered outside India, it is still often best to establish sales and service structures first in order to test the waters. Investments in manufacturing mostly follow in a second phase.

What makes our Business Plan so special?

Exotic Group works together with you to answer the vital question: are your products suitable for India? Experience has taught us that most companies need support when it comes to engaging with the Indian market and Indian partners, but that product innovation and adaptation that works for India’s markets works in many other markets around the world.  So adapting for India can be a key step in “going global”.

Planning any and all these steps in the most practical way to ensure you best capitalize on your investment and ensure shareholder value is key to our approach. It is your plan, but we can help you make it real. Only when you are prepared can you select the Investment Vehicle that’s best for you – find a distributor or a partner, buy an Indian company or set up your own subsidiary.

For more details on our Business Plan solution in India, contact our team!

Company formation in India

Consulting and implementing the best suited legal entity for your subsidiary in India

For a foreign company in India there are different entry options to set up their business. Choosing the best suited legal entity for your subsidiary in India is mainly determined by your market-entry strategy, timeline and planned activities in India – e.g. for manufacturing, export and installation of machinery, warehousing and local order processing of goods or local service offerings in India.

Company formation and registration for your subsidiary in India

Our team have experience to help you decide which legal presence and legal entity is right for you. During this process, Exotic Group consults you not only on legal entities and company formation in India, but supports you also with subsequent company registration and financing questions.

Company Formation in India

Incorporation of

  • Representative Office (Liaison Office), Branch Office and Project Office
  • Incorporation of a Wholly-Owned Subsidiary (WOS) as Private Limited Company (Pvt. Ltd.), Public Limited Company (Ltd.) or Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

Corporate Approvals

Approvals from

  • Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB)
  • Reserve Bank of India (RBI)
  • Registrar of Companies (ROC)

Company Registration in India (incorporation-related)

All other Incorporation-related Compliances and Registrations

  • Appointment/Resignation of Directors (including Resident Director)
  • Capitalization of the Indian subsidiary
  • Opening of Bank Account, Tax Registrations, Import Licenses, Labor Law Registrations

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